LightMove 4 – Light and Activity Sensor

£882.00 +VAT

Sensor for the acquisition of ambient light, 3D acceleration, angular rate, barometric air pressure and temperature.


The LightMove 4 adds fives channels of light detection to the renown physical activity measurement capabilitities of the Move 4.



  • Interactive ambulatory assessment
  • Sleep analysis
  • Recording sedentary behaviour
  • Behavioural monitoring
  • Activity monitoring
  • Mobile long term monitoring of ambient light
  • Energy estimation and activity detection
  • Step detection
  • Detection of inactivity, sitting, and standing
LightMove 4 – Light and Activity Sensor

As part of the new sensor generation, the LightMove 4 activity sensor combines the previous benefits of the proven LightMove 3 with the 4th generation enhancements, allowing us to address a wide range of researchers needs, implement their requests, and further enhance the quality of the sensors. Thus, the LightMove 4 strengthens its position as the go to device for researchers who care about high quality data.

The 4th sensor generation offers researchers numerous advantages, including:

• New design for optimal handling: The improved case offers a sleek design aesthetic offering many practical advantages. The waterproof and dirt-repellent housing coupled with the improved carrying systems make the sensors simpler, more versatile and safer to use.

• More data collection capabilities: Thanks to the integration of the latest technologies, the 4th generation sensors now incorporate a Gyroscope (Angular Rate Sensor).

• Improved analysis possibilities: Our highly acclaimed acceleration sensor also received an overhaul, and now records the measurement data at an even higher resolution. Consequently, we’ve achieved significant improvements in the obtainable results, especially in the analysis of sedentary behavior and non-wear detection.

• Increased data retention: A new Bluetooth buffer ensures the preservation of data during disconnection, with the buffered data transferred upon reconnection; thus guaranteeing a continuous data recording at all times.

• Broader research applications: Already a class leader in quality data acquisition for many research areas, these improvements expand the LightMove 4’s research capabilities. All the while remaining the best choice for researcher’s requiring high quality physical activity data and light levels.



  • New design with new carrying systems in a waterproof housing
  • Advanced data acquisition through integrated gyroscope
  • New acceleration sensor with higher resolution
  • Detection of lighting environment
  • Analysis of light radiation intensity
  • Live analysis of measurement data
  • Improved data transfer via Bluetooth Smart interface
  • Exact and validated detection of everyday activities
  • Exact and validated detection of Energy Expenditure
  • Optimised non-wear detection
  • Java API for USB (Windows)
  • API: Example implementation for Bluetooth Smart (Android)
Power supply Lithium-Polymer-Battery
Battery voltage 3,7 V
Number of charging cycles 300 (with 1 C / 1 C > 80%)
Internal memory 4 GB
Maximum recording capacity 4 weeks
Battery run time ~ 7 days
Recharging time ~ 1 hour
Size of sensor (W x H x D) 62,3 mm x 38,6 mm x 11,5 mm
Weight of sensor 26 g
Protection rate Waterproof (IP64)
Internal sensors Ambient light sensor: Channels: 5 (red, green, blue, clear, IR) Measurement range: 0-~45000 lux Resolution: Up to ~0.011 lux (at low end) Output rate: 1 Hz3D acceleration sensor: Measurement range: +/- 16 g Output rate: 64 HzRotation rate sensor: Measurement range: +/-2000dps Resolution: 70 mdps Output rate: 64 HzPressure sensor: Measurement range: 300 - 1100 hPa Noise: 0,03 hPa Output rate: 8 HzTemperature sensor: Output rate: 1 Hz
Live analysis Light Mean Movement Acceleration Step count
Indicators LED, 3-color Vibration alarm
User Interfaces Marker (tapping)
Interfaces Micro-USB, Bluetooth Smart (4.0)
API Java API for USB (Windows) Example for Bluetooth Smart (Android)
Wear locations Wrist
Wearing systems Wrist Band
Environmental conditions Temperature: -20 °C to 60 °C 0 °C to 45 °C during chargingAtmospheric pressure: 300 to 1200 hPa absolute
Warranty 2 years

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